Squatting Mobile Toilet


Squatting Mobile Toilet With Wash Hand Basin, Urinal Bowl And 500l Waste Holding Tank.

Product Description

Introducing our Mobile Squatting Toilet, designed for construction sites and IDP camps! Featuring an underneath waste tank for easy disposal, this portable toilet is the perfect solution for temporary sanitation needs. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, while the squatting design promotes hygiene and comfort. Say goodbye to makeshift facilities and hello to a convenient, sanitary solution. Upgrade your site today with our Squatting Mobile Toilet and ensure comfort and hygiene for everyone.









Body , Door, Pallet Roofs




Linear Low Density Polythene (LLDPS)




Total Weight ;106Kgs (Net Weight)


Total Width :1150mm


Total Dept: 1050mm


Total Height :2350mm


Door Height:1890mm


Door width :620mm





Breadth – 1190


Width- 1090

Takes 7-10working days to produce the toilet , we produce on demand payment before production.

Our toilets are strong and made for Nigeria use